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Naval Academy grads raise $3.3M for business intelligence startup Easy Metrics

Easy Metrics, a Seattle startup founded by U.S. Naval Academy grads Dean Dorcas and Dan Keto, has pulled in $3.3 million in fresh funding. Dorcas and Keto, both economics grads from the Naval Academy, previously co-founded Integrated Management Systems. They started Easy Metrics, a software-as-a-service company, in 2009. “Businesses have an abundance of data streams, but nobody seems to know what to do with them,” said Dorcas in a release. “When these data are fed through Easy Metrics, they reveal which employees are top performers, which are low performers, and how much it costs to complete various tasks.” He added that the tool, which is being used by several Fortune 500 companies, helps businesses define where they are making and losing money. The company also has a partnership with Toyota’s forklift division, Raymond, to resell the software to their 100,000 customers. Other customers using the software are Brooks Sports and Genco. Easy Metrics employs 10, but they plan to more than double in the next 12 months. “Our main differentiator is that our model takes a normally very complex and expensive enterprise implementation and reduces both the cost of implementation and time by about 90 percent,” said Keto in an email to GeekWire. Competitors include Red Prairie, Manhattan Associates, and business intelligence platforms like Cognos and Hyperion. Investors in the round include SJF Ventures, which has offices in North Carolina, New York and San Francisco.​

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