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3 Key Traits To Look For In An Analytics Leader

Analytics Team Makeup

Before we get into discussing how to hire the head of analytics, let’s talk about the team makeup. The team can include people with expertise such as:

  1. The Head of Analytics, who drives the analytics agenda and leverages his team to execute against it.

  2. The Business Analytics professional, who has strong hands-on business analytics and testing skills using Excel or other tools.

  3. The Predictive Analytics professional, who has hands-on expertise in business analytics as well as advanced analytics and statistical tools

  4. The Data Analyst, who has strong SQL skills to pull data, and has high level comfort in business analytics

The Head of Analytics (HOA) should have these three skills:

  1. Have the ability to layout the Analytics agenda for the organization to drive growth and revenue using a structured approach like the 3-Key Questions.

  2. Have the ability to build a data driven culture by mentoring and training analysts; including “Data to Decisions”™ training for business professional to enable the team to self-serve for 80% of the business questions.

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