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Automated Report Scheduling with View-BI’s custom solutions

View-BI’s Report Automation software is an appliance that leverages a traditional reporting system (such as Cognos, Business Objects or Microsoft Reporting), automating every step of filling out user inputs, executing the report, retrieving the output, distributing and archiving the report.

This solution can maintain reports, edit reports in bulk, and perform massive updates. For example, it can change the company logo, edit page headers and footers, and update underlying definitions of a database field. All the steps from starting the report to archiving it are monitored and logged, and subscribed recipients are informed of the success or failure of the reporting deck they have subscribed for.


Multiple users can subscribe on their own to a report package, reducing report processing time User inputs such as Report Date, Month etc can be set as dynamic values, being recalculated every time the report runs. For example a report can run on the first day of the month for the last month.

Groups of reports can be triggered at a specific time following a workday calendar or regular calendar. For example reports can be scheduled to run on the first working day (business day) of the month.

Groups of reports can be triggered by an external event. For example a group of reports can be set to run whenever the database loading process is completed.

Thorough monitoring and logging. User subscribed to a package is notified on success or failure of the package.

Reports can run bundled together into packages or report decks. The entire deck is ran, distributed as a single file and monitored as a unit. This reduces manual work of combining reports into and reduces the number of alerts on report successes or failures.

Sound complicated? It’s simple. Email us at for more information on how to implement this solution to save your valuable time!

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