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Customized Solutions

Regardless of your industry, the business intelligence solutions from View BI will enable you to take faster and better decisions.

Report Scheduling, Generation and Archiving


View BI developed a web based application embedding all Cognos SDK function for generating, sheduling and storing a report, all integrated with a CRN system and document management repository.

​Framework Manager


View BI programmed a maintenance tool that allows users to quickly update field definitions, add useful screen tips or field descriptions, guiding report authors or ad-hoc report developer in using the correct metadata for their reports. Another functionality is to maintain field names and table names propagating the change to all reports saved in the Cognos content-store.

​Custom Security Provider

View BI created single sign-on configurations and highly complex security integrations with Active Directory and custom security providers that give detailed information about each user. The groups, roles, and the resources that a particular user has access to can be derived from user attributes stored in a third party system reducing the effort of maintaining the groups and roles on the cognos portal.

Enterprise Solution

View BI offers pre-built applications and customizable installations of varius SDK applications, reliable metadata layer within the data modeling environment (Framework Manager), reporting solutions that focus on complete, consistent access and display of information that business can understand, own, and trust, and which will expand your community of BI users.


Customized Solutions

The View BI approach encourages customizable solutions based on client's strategic objectives. Our customized solutions will improve the busines process focused on aligning organizations with the wants and needs of the clients. We promote business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. Our solutions are designed to solve your issues based on reliable data and KPIs specific to the industry you're operating in. Our solutions will empower an organization to optimize corporate performance and pursue corporate initiative with maximum coordination and visibility.



Report View - Next Generation of Data Analytics


Over the years View BI has created many custom solutions for our clients. Often our solutions involve writing software that is not available on the market. We have aggregated our learning to develop new software we call Report View. We are currently preparing a beta version to launch to select clients. Refer to screenshots in the attached slideshow to learn more about the application.  

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