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ReportView - Next Generation of Data Analytics

Report View was designed to be a query engine tool with summary-to-detail features. Using massive parallel processing, it has the ability to use physical and logical partitioning. It has a metadata layer on top of the database allowing for predefined relationships between tables. It has custom user-friendly field names, descriptions, and tool tips. Report View has the advantage of producing fast query results: immediate filtering and grouping of the data; takes full advantage of the database processing capabilities by pushing the processing of joins, summarizations, filters and grouping to the application SQL core; auto-summarizing based on aggregation functions defined in the metadata.


User Friendly Interface

From the Tree area on the left side, users can drag and drop data into the Drop area on the Designer tab of the screen. When one of these items is clicked, the Filter area below is populated with the existing filters for the selected item’s data type. Once a Numeric, String, or Date filter is applied a small image appears next to the item in the Existing filters area below.


Tabs: Designer, Top 100, Top 1000, All Data, Charts
The Designer Tab is displayed by default. The other three tabs display data corresponding to the selected items and applied filters. The Charts tab provides multiple visualization options.


The data grid allows users to reorder columns, sort data, group items and export this data to an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Administration Panel Page
The Admin page can be accessed only by users in administration group. The link that redirects to this page is on the left side on the header of the Home Page. The Admin page has four tabs: Add, Edit, Delete, and Unblock User. This image is the Create option.


Subject Area Popup
This popup window allows users to change the data subject area, or context, they are working on.


Open and Save Reports
A popup window allows users to navigate through folders and Save or Open a report.

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