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self-service reporting software


Right now your business data is located in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services and online/offline applications. Wherever your data lives, ReportView makes it simple and easy to synchronize and access your data for analysis, reporting or sharing. Access and share actionable answers to complex questions, anywhere, any time – right at your fingers. No restrictions. No boundaries. ReportView is a revolutionary self-service data visualization and discovery application that will empower and enable businesses to make better decisions faster and smarter. You can access timely, relevant, actionable data through an embeddable, cost-effective user-friendly reporting and analytics platform. Just like that!

         ReportView offers the following features

  • Report Generator

  • Native driver for big data systems: Hadoop, Greenplum, Teradata nCluster, IBM Netezza

  • Capable of using logical and physical data partitioning for an improved query response time

  • Get direct data access

  • In-memory databases

  • Intimate analytics and high visualization quality

  • Agile development

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